Une belle sélection années 2000’s concoctée par Gab.. et pour une fois la playlist 😉

Heartical Label

Mykal Rose – Never Surrender

Hungry Youths – Trouble Some

Basque Dub Foundation – Melodika Way

David Hinds – Positivity

SIlvertones – Poverty

Patrick Andy – Got To Do

General Levy – Life Hard

Mykal Rose – Hypocrites Warning

Rootsamala – Injustice

Johnny Osbourne & John Wayne – Conscious Anthems

Junior Cat – Long Life And Live

Chuck Turner – Culture Rule

Little Dany – Met Le Faya

Original Uman – Body Bag

Necessary Mayhem Label

Mr Williamz – Babylon In Helicopter

Milion Stylez – Police In Helicopter

Ggregoy Isaacs & Blackout JA – Report to Me

Mr Williamz – No Cigarette

Blackout JA & Michie One – Love Me Woman

Mr Williamz, Million Stylez, Tenor Fly, Blackout JA – Dubplate

Chyna Soulstar & Demolition Man – Love Save My Soul

Pinchers – Bandelero

Million Stylez & Joey Fever – Young Gunz

Tippa Irie – Tippa On Da Mic

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