UK Singers

Richie Davis – You Ha Fe Cool

Peter Bouncer – Ready For The Dancehall Tonight

Dixie Peach – Tonight Is The Night

Dixie Peach – Pure Worries

Mikey MUrka – Ride The RIddim

Kenny Knots – Run Come Call Me

Tenor Fly – No Negative Vibes

Tippa Irie – Wine Up Your Body

Macka B – Never Played A 45

Gappy Ranks & Soul Vendors – Jah Is My Everything

Richie Davis – Jah Love

Peter Hunnigale & Tippa Irie – Shocking Out

Roger Robin –  Hide & Flee

Lloyd Brown – I Know

Nerious Joseph – Ole Vampire

Peter Hunnigale – Politician

Easy B – One Draw

Vivian Jones – I’m In Love With You

Peter Spence – For Real

Lloyd Brwon – Alms House

Finlay Quaye – For My Children’s Love

Lloyd Brown – Can’t Get Me Out

Peter Hunnigale – With Or Without You