La deuxième partie de la session, tu ne la trouves qu’en podcast. Le label Techniques du producteur Winston Riley et une sélection internationale dans la vibe Neo Retro.

Lone Ranger – Judge Not

Sister Nancy – Money Can’t Buy My Love

Ranking trevor – Love Is A Gamble

Cutty Ranks – Fishman Lyrics

Johnny P – Raggamuffin

General Archie – Modeling

Yami Bolo – Bad Boy Posse

Little Kirk – Kill A Sound

Red Dragon – Hold A Fesh

Flourgan – Hold A Spliff

Courtney Melody – Key To Your Heart

Conroy Smith – Uptown Girl

Sanchez – Loneliness

Admiral Tibet – Terrorist


Keith Rowe – Sound System

Johnny Valuti and The Ska-Ta-Nauts – Later Than Sooner

Brixton Sounds – Sonido de Brixton

Prince Sugar & Officinalis – The Champ

Steady 45’s – Meaning of Love

Maxado – Upon A Smile

Freecoasters – The Other Side

Roger Rivas & Officinalis – Green Pepper

Maxado – I Was

The Night Owls – Gossip


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