Techniques et Neo Retro

La deuxième partie de la session, tu ne la trouves qu’en podcast. Le label Techniques du producteur Winston Riley et une sélection internationale dans la vibe Neo Retro.

Lone Ranger – Judge Not

Sister Nancy – Money Can’t Buy My Love

Ranking trevor – Love Is A Gamble

Cutty Ranks – Fishman Lyrics

Johnny P – Raggamuffin

General Archie – Modeling

Yami Bolo – Bad Boy Posse

Little Kirk – Kill A Sound

Red Dragon – Hold A Fesh

Flourgan – Hold A Spliff

Courtney Melody – Key To Your Heart

Conroy Smith – Uptown Girl

Sanchez – Loneliness

Admiral Tibet – Terrorist


Keith Rowe – Sound System

Johnny Valuti and The Ska-Ta-Nauts – Later Than Sooner

Brixton Sounds – Sonido de Brixton

Prince Sugar & Officinalis – The Champ

Steady 45’s – Meaning of Love

Maxado – Upon A Smile

Freecoasters – The Other Side

Roger Rivas & Officinalis – Green Pepper

Maxado – I Was

The Night Owls – Gossip