#17 Crescendo part.2

Emission du vendredi 23 Avril :

Johnny Cash : Hurt

Kaiser Chiefs : Every Day I Love You Less & Less

Kaiser Chiefs : Kind Of Guy

Stöner : Own Yer Blues (Live In The Mojave Desert)

Patrón : Next Stop

Patrón : Room With A View

Red Fang : Wires

Red Fang : Prehistoric Dog

Anthrax : Inside Out

Vision Of Disorder : Imprint

Machine Head : Davidian (Live Studio 2019)

Machine Head : A Thousand Lies (Live Studio 2019)

Gojira : Into The Storm

Slaughter To Prevail : Agony

Slaughter To Prevail : Demolisher

Knocked Loose : DeadRinger

Knocked Loose : Last Words

Stray From The Path : Badge & A Bullet

Stray From The Path : Bring It Back To The Street

Iron Reagan : I Won’t Go

Iron Reagan : Fuck The Neighbors

Ultra Vomit : Pipi vs  Caca