#43 No Hellfest For Us part.1

Emission du vendredi 17 juin 2022 :

Mother’s Cake : I’m Your President

Beastie Boys : Gratitude

Beastie Boys ; Time For Linvin’

Deep Purple : Highway Star (live)

Alice Cooper : School’s Out

Nine Inch Nails  : The Wretched

Nine Inch Nails : Wish

Deftones : Be Quiet And Drive

Deftones : My Own Summer (Shove It)

Korn : Freak On A Leash

Korn : Start The Healing

Metallica : The Day That Never Comes

Dropkick Murphys : Prisoner’s Song

Suicidal Tendencies : Smash It!

Gojira : Born For One Thing

Gojira : Stanted

Discharge : New World Order

Cro Mags : Show You No Mercy

Sick Of It All : Take The Night Off