Early Digital et Neo Retro

Deux sets à la sauce PlayIOne45. Gab pour du digital 80’s et ReyD pour une session NeoRetro 2017 2022. Que du bon j’te dis!

Gab plays

Dennis Brown – Now And Forever

Johnny Osbourne – Can’t Test We

Frankie Paul – Boom Back Dat

Wayne Smith – My Lord My God

Dennis Brown – The Exit

Dennis Brown – Tracks Of Life

Nitty Gritty – Rub A Dub Kill You

Time Unlimited – Free Up The Youths

Frankie Paul – Gunshot

Michael Prophet – Cease Fire

Barry Brown – Politicians

ReyD plays

The Soul Chance – Who Could It Be

Sunny Legacy – How Many Tears

The Oldians – Big Business

The Slackers – Way Of A Woman

Dani Radic & The Slackers – Let Me Be

Iso Reggae Session & Josefina Silveyra – Change Is Gonna Come

Western Standard Time – Habit of Happiness

Jim Murple Memorial – Comes Love

Western Standard Time – Naftuli

Jim Murple Memorial – Covida

Western Standard Time – Sunrise In the East