Hommage à Bunny Wailer et Albert Griffiths

Encore un grand nom du Reggae qui s’éteint. Bunny Wailer nous quitte, hommage sur PlayIOne45. Doublé d’un autre hommage à Mr Albert Griffiths.

Wailers – Rock Sweet Rock

Wailers – What Am I Supposed To DO ?

Wailers – Jerk In Time

Wailers – This Train

Al & The Ethiopians – You Are The Girl

Gladiators – You Were To Be

Bunny Wailer – Tread Along

Wailers – Riding High

Wailers – Brain Washing

Gladiators – Tribulation

Gladiators – Mr Baldwin

Gladiators – Happy Man

Gladiators – Jah Works

Bunny Wailer –  Roots Radics Radical Rockers

Bunny Wailer –  Galong So

Bunny Wailer – Cool Runnings

Marcia Griffiths – Woman A Come

Barry Brown – Give Another Israel A Try

Johnny Osbourne – Baccra

Clint Eastwood & General Saint – Another One Bites The Dust

Barrington Levy — When Friday Come

Bunny Wailer – Haughty Tempo

Bunny Wailer – Rule Dancehall