New York City part 2

Gab et ReyD aux commandes du PlayIOne45 pour une deuxième histoire du Reggae New-yorkais.

Aksumites – Ark Of The Convenant

Uplifters – Gallas Trap

Don Carlos – Black History

Al Campbell – Collie Herb

Jug Head – Joyce Gone

Jah Batta – Informa

Courtney Melody – Stop Inform

Junior Khadaffy – Rampers Music

Itopia – Get Over

Calabash & Fourth Generation Band

Urban Blight- U Must B

The Boilers – In This Time

NY Citizens – D.A.N.C.E

Toasters – Havana

Slackers – Rude & Reckless

Victor Rice – Mr Brooks

The Far East – Magic Moments

Stop The Presses – Dwaythis