Play I One 45 n°257 Regular Time

Pas mal de nouveautés de la planète NeoRetro sur cette première partie.

Skully – Shake Senora

Slackers – I Have The Time

Jr Dell &The Dee-Lites – See You Later Aligator

Jr Dell & The Dee-Lites – Whola Lotta Skanking Goin’On

The Steadytones – I’m Crying

Smoke + Mirrors – I Second That Emotion

Night Owls & Trish Toledo – Your Old Standby

The Moskito Bite – Don’t Give It Away

Woodfield Rd Allstars – Shank I Sheck

Jr Dell & The Dee Lites – Jump Around

The Heptones – Your Love Has Really Got A Hold Of Me

Keith And Tex – Can’t You See

Niney – I Made A Promise

Valrie Vybz – See Dem A Come

Carlton Peterson – Hypocrites

Michael Campbell – Barber Saloon

Wayne Jarrett – Youth Man

Glenroy Richards – Wicked Can’t Run Away

Dennis Brown – Rubadub All The Time

U Brown – Tu Shueng Peng

Al Campbell – Chant Rub A Dub

Cobra – Jah No Partial

Johnny Osbourne – Rock All Night

Thriller U & Tippa Irie – Misleading

Anthony B – Can’t Buy We Out

Burro Banton – One For The Money