PlayIOne Selection

Une belle session avec des artistes du monde entier, pour des productions plus ou moins récentes.

Ecu – Roots Man

Cian Finn – Big Official People

King General – Strictly Love

King General – Gunman

Soom T – Bring Down The Empire

Mr Williamz – Japan Be Strong

Original Kose – Kokoro No Tomo

Johnnygo Figure – Unemployment

Lady Ann – Sound Get A Beating

Mr Williamz – Give Thanks To Jah

Solo Banton – Boom

Marina P – Mam Was Right

Johnny Clarke – Rain Keeps Falling

Marcus I & Tucxone Army – Creation Steppers

Expanders – Careful

The Lions – Falling

Clive Matthews & Raw Rythm Band – Jah Praises

Bagdad Cafe The Trench Town – I’m Turning My Back Now

Ebène – Pink Clouds

Machaco – New Vibrations

The Lions – Going Nowhere

Regulation Independance – Africa

Umoza Music Project – Down By The Beach

Pitchu – Jah Kona

Mercurias – Carregar