PlayIOne45 extra time

Après 3 sessions extraordinaires; un peu de Reggae, ça te dit? PlayIOne45 joue les prolongations et te propose une belle sélection from Early Reggae to Digital, sur des productions de chez Phill Pratt, Coxsone, Jah Thomas, Junjo Lawes, King Tubby, Hyman Whright…

Call More – My Forfather Died In The Sun

John Holt – Strange Things

Heptones – Fattie Fattie

Winston Jarrett – Why Is It?

Johnny Osbourne – Keep That Light

Clive Matthews – Am Going Home

Trevor Byfield – Tell Me That You Love Me

Clive Matthews – Live Not For Vanity

Lacksley Castell – Unkind To Myself

Sister Pam – Teardrops Keep Falling

Earl Cunningham – I Want My Pay

Carlton Livingston – Ram Jam Session

Danny English – Make Some Noise

Anthony Johnson – Feel Like Dancing

Jah Thomas – Friday Night Jamboree

Anthony Johnson – Let Go This One

Little John – Form A Line

Johnny Osbourne – Nuff Respect

Courtney Melody – Ninja Mi Ninja

King Kong – Step On My Corn

Scion Success – Profile

Sammy Levi – Automatic

Tony Tuff – Dance In The Area

Sanchez – My Sound

Fancy Black – Gi Wi The Music