Roots, Early Reggae et RockSteady

Starlights – Dip Them Jah Jah Dip Them

Ta Teacher Love – Roots Man

Dave Robinson – Everyone Is Crying

The Officials – Babylonians

African Brothers – A Still Tongue

The Black Aces – Close The Gate Dread

Inge Larsen – Gone Is Love

Jah Lloyd & Prince Heron – Jump Two Fence

Dennis Walks – Whoo Wee Baby

Hemsley Morris – Little Things

Hippy Boys – Seven Heaven

Carl Dawkins – Running Shoes

The Rulers – Wrong ‘M Boyo

Heptones – Crying Over You

Johnny Moore & Tommy Mc Cook – Sound & Soul

Yvonne Harrison – The Chase

Peter Austin – Time Is Getting Harder

West Indians – Hokey Pokey

Bobby Ellis & The Crystalites

Keith & Tex – This Is My Song

Derrick Harriott – Keep On Dancing

Roy Panton – Endless Memories

The Federals – Shocking Love