Volume 67

Bienvenue sur la “Canopée”, votre balade dominicale de la dernière heure du week-end, autour des musiques atmosphériques …
Tracklist :
Dyler Henner : In The Middle Of The Field There Was A Tree Full Of Sparrows (2022)
Memotone : Threefold Treshold (2021)
Radiante Pourpre : Le Satyre (2018)
Gaussian Curve : Impossible Island (2014)
Leena Lee & Vania Fortuna : Appearance/Rapture (2022)
Laurie Anderson : Big Science (1982)
Steve Shehan : Kites In Kabul (2013)
Giant Grouper : I Wish My Eyes Didn’ t See The Sunlight Before I Met The Purple Dragon (2022)
Pharrell Williams : Take It Off (Dim The Lights) (2006)

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