Reggae 70’s et Reggae Espagnol.

Gab plays

Stanley Beckford & Starlights – Dip Them Jah Jah Dip Them

African Brothers – Righteous Kingdom

Dillinger – Cup Of Tea

Lenky Roy – Set Me Free

Pablo Nkomo – Da Misa Gunman

Neville Mitchell – Get Out Of Hand

Freddy Mackay – Drunken Sailor

Fred I Jah – Hell’s For Hero

Ras Michael & The Sons Of Negus – None Of Jah Jah Children

Eddy Grandson – Jah Garden

Barry Brown – Let Go Jah Jah Children

ReyD plays

Begonia Bang-Mate – Think For Yourself

La Fricativa Sonora – Black Beta Shoes

Gramophone All Stars – Treat Me Good

Key Day & Newentun All Stars – Fascists Bound To Loose

The Oldians – Hold Me

Transilvanians & High Paw – Power Of Rocksteady

Smooth Beans – Reggae Train

Granadians – Crateres Y Polvo

Tito Ponte – La Fera

Rootsamala – Sufferation

Emeterians & Morodo – King of Kings