Dancehall 80’s

Heavy selection pon di radio!! Comme on dit. Pour une fois que Gab  & ReyD sont raccords, ça donne une heure de son années 80 sur un tas de labels qui ont fait les belles heures du dancehall jamaïcain.

Gab plays

Prince Junior – Raggamuffin

Gregory Isaacs – My Heart Is Bleeding

Super Black – Rock Them

Little Howe – What A Calamity

Tristan Palma & Lady Junie – Rock With Me

Dennis Brown – No More Walls

Shabba Ranks – Build Some Bridges Instead

Robert Lee & Tulloh T – Rent A Girl

Dennis Brown – Home Boy

Philip Meyers – Ghetto Struggle

Iqulah Rastafari – Informer

Horace Martin – Give Me The Vives

Rey D plays

Sister Charmaine – Freddie Kruger

Junior Delgado – Twice Nice

Frankie Paul – On The Bench

Nitty Gritty – How You A Go Cross

Johnny Osbourne – Hill And Gully

Frankie Paul – You Are So Good To Me

Singer Jay – Jamaica Land We Love

Half Pint – Victory

Everton Blender – Mouth A Massay

Maxine Miller – He’s Mine

Horace Andy – One Side Love Affair

Pad Anthony – Bigger Bss

Admiral Tibet – No One Know’s